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Vevilu Art Gallery is open to the public and you can come to our gallery in Del Rio, Texas and view our art with no cover charge. We will help you find something or even create it for you. In addition to our art, Vevilu provides other services to.

Custom framing, poetry, and shipping are examples of services Vevilu provides.

Custom Framing

When we say custom framing, we mean custom. Your order is what you want. Vevilu can match a frame to fit into your decor. If you have an odd shaped photo, we can make it look great because we cut the frame and mat in our shop to fit.

Click here to choose the exact frame you want.



Vevilu poetry is original poetry by the Vargas family. The most famous poetry we carry is the poetry from Lupe Vargas known as The Lupe Vargas Collection. The poetry in The Lupe Vargas Collection are poems from Vietnam. These poems are memories connected with original photography taken in Vietnam.



Vevilu has many shipping options. We offer insurance to protect your investment. USPS, UPS, Federal Express, Trucking companies and private couriers are available at Vevilu.


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