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Vevilu has many products. Most of our products are at our Art Gallery in Del Rio, Texas. Please call us if you are looking for a custom item or special order.

Our products include books, ceramics, custom mats, frames, jewelry, pottery, and The Lupe Vargas Collection.


Vevilu has an assortment of books. some of our books are old books. Come to our gallery and you may find a classic.


Ceramic items like crosses and tile is one of the products you can find at Vevilu Art Gallery.

Custom Mats

Custom matting is created by carefully laying out the proportions for the specific item to be framed, and either cutting the bevel lines on a hand cutter or a computerized mat cutter.    The art mounting and application of details such as an accent fillet inside of the mat opening are done by hand, and require experience and careful attention to detail.

Our mats are custom cut on a machine like this one. Some people think it is extreme to buy a machine like this for over $25,000.00, but you have to have the right tools for the job if you want your work to be the best. We don't cut corners at Vevilu Art Gallery.



We maintain a large inventory of mat boards and moulding. If you want it today we will make it. If you select one of our many mouldings in stock.

If you would like to browse a larger selection of frames you can do that here:                                                          

Click here to choose the exact frame you want.




We offer personalized jewelry at reasonable prices.  And our quality matches, if not exceeds jewelry typically found in finer boutiques/custom jewelry designers, in both craftsmanship and materials.  Vevilu  offers several options in providing access to stylish, quality jewelry at an affordable price.




Vevilu has handmade pottery from local artists. You can see our inventory at the Vevilu Art Gallery in Del Rio, Texas.

The Lupe Vargas Collection

The Lupe Vargas Collection

The Lupe Vargas collection is exclusive to Vevilu Art Gallery. Original photography from Vietnam. These prints can come with the original poetry or without. If you were there, this is a must have collection. Businesses use the inspirational size for meeting and conference rooms. Get your favorite or buy the entire collection. You'll feel like you are in Vietnam with these prints. If you were not there you will have a better understanding, and if you were; memories will become clearer than ever before. The beautiful poems and real photography have brought tears to the eyes of more than one grown Man.

The Lupe Vargas Collection Prices


5 X 7 Print $3.99

8 X 10 Double Mat $12.95

8 X 10 Triple Mat $ 14.95


8 X 10 Print $4.99         

11 X 14 Double Mat $18.99

11 X 14 Triple Mat $22.95


Inspirational size

16 X 20 Print $29.99

16 X 20 Double Mat $59.99

16 X 20 Triple Mat $74.99


Magnets $4.99    (2.5 inches X 3.5 inches)


Vevilu, Art Gallery, Del Rio Texas, 78840, 830 768- 0264

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